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News: Roy Hatfield Ltd wins Queen's Award for Enterprise


Roy Hatfield Ltd, a Rotherham-based recycling company, has won a Queen's Award for Enterprise 2014, the most prestigious accolades for businesses in the United Kingdom.

The corporate awards recognise outstanding achievements by UK companies in three categories: International Trade, Innovation and Sustainable Development. Roy Hatfield Ltd has won the award for innovation for creating a process for recycling waste gypsum.

Roy Hatfield Ltd was formed in 1971 when the founder Roy Hatfield recognised a demand in the market place for quality and consistent alternative raw materials destined for the concrete industry. The firm grew to become the UK's first and largest manufacturer of decorative and industrial concrete finishing products.

In 1985 the firm moved to Templeborough with a custom manufacturing facility and on site laboratory which is where the company still operates from today.

Anticipating legislation banning gypsum-based waste streams from landfills, the company developed methods for stripping the substance from ceramics and plasterboard.

Plasterboard is made of a gypsum plaster core with a paper facing. Approximately 270 million sq m of product are produced, distributed and used annually in the UK and its use in the construction industry creates a lot of waste through off-cuts and dismantling.

Having researched the market for recycled gypsum, Roy Hatfield established a bespoke facility and created a partnership with a British waste management firm in 2005. Following continual investment and expansion, the Rotherham site processes 50,000 tonnes of waste plasterboard per annum.

The Hatfield process enables organisations to comply with Environmental Agency regulations without incurring the significant expense of using specialist landfill sites and delivers considerable savings to customers, who can buy recycled gypsum at reduced prices. Importantly, it avoids toxic hydrogen sulphide gas from gypsum contaminating bio-degradable waste in landfill sites.

The recycled gypsum is used as a direct replacement for primary or secondary gypsum and can be used to create new plasterboard, in cement manufacture and agriculture. Hatfield uses it to replace talc as a colouring product for its own forms of decorative and industrial coloured concrete. It has been used sympathetically in the 250 year old grade I listed garden at Alnwick Castle and to create the distinctive blue walkways and balconies at the Selfridges store at Birmingham Bull Ring.

Grant Hatfield, director at Roy Hatfield Ltd, said: "We are extremely proud to have been awarded the Queens Award for Enterprise in Innovation. The award acknowledges our dedicated team at Roy Hatfield Ltd — it is because of their efforts we were able to develop such a intricate recycling process on a large, commercially viable scale."

The recycling plant has processed over 300,000 tonnes of waste gypsum to date and the award coincides with the introduction of a third shift allowing 24/7 running of the plant. This new shift will see production ramp up to 1,300 tonnes per week with the company stating that further plans for expansion are still on the cards in the near future.

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