Thursday, May 22, 2014

News: Rotherham Council building new council houses


Rotherham Council has awarded the the design and build contract for a new housing development at Barbers Avenue in Rawmarsh to reshape architecture + design.

In November, the local authority approved plans that will see them have an "enabling and entrepreneurial role" in stimulating local housing growth, backed with a £30m war chest to boost house building and the construction industry.

The aim is to significantly increase the construction of new homes across the borough and work has been done to identify funding and delivery mechanisms that will enable the council to help deliver 850 homes a year. There are currently around 540 new homes delivered each year and work on the borough's local plan identified the need to provide land for an additional 12,750 homes by 2027.

The £2.48m development on the site of the old cricket club and snooker hall at Rawmarsh will include 25 homes in total: three of which will be two bedroom bungalows, seven will be two bedroom houses, 14 will be three bedroom houses and one will be a custom designed and is ear marked as the new home for a disabled child.

A spokesperson for Doncaster-based reshape architecture + design, said: "The design approach has been to provide a redevelopment of the existing site with a high quality development of housing that is contextual yet contemporary. The proposed scheme relates to the character of the existing surrounding properties but is recognisably distinct providing a new vibrant addition to this particular section of Barbers Avenue.

"The proposed development will enhance the area with an honest design that will not imitate earlier styles but clearly express the development as being of its time whilst still addressing the materials, form and scale of the existing houses."

This week, the cabinet at Rotherham Council agreed to dispose of four sites across the borough to Arches Housing Association for £175,000 which will enable the £3.7m development of 35 new affordable homes.

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