Monday, July 7, 2014

News: Xeros awarded EU innovation grant


Innovative Rotherham company, Xeros has been awarded an EU grant to accelerate the roll-out of its revolutionary clothes laundering technology in the UK and Europe.

The Leeds University spin-out, based on the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP) in Rotherham, has developed a patented system using a unique method of special polymer beads rather than the usual large amounts of fresh water to clean clothes.

Raising millions by launching on the AIM stock exchange, Xeros is powering ahead with the development and commercialisation of its entirely new clothes cleaning process - the first real innovation in the laundry industry for 60 years. The systems are being used in hotels, gyms and commercial cleaners where they use 70% less water, up to 50% less energy and approximately 50% less detergent.

The firm has targeted the massive US market where the first sales in US commercial laundry market have been achieved and a US domestic laundry prototype has been developed. 30 systems have been installed or are committed to be installed in the US, UK and EU and Xeros estimates that approximately 120 further machine installations are expected for 2014.

Now the firm's UK subsidiary, Xeros Limited, has secured around €700,000 in the form of a CIP Eco-innovation grant to support early take up by European commercial laundries of the Xeros polymer bead cleaning system.

Launched in 2008, the Eco-innovation initiative is part of the EU's Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme (EIP), set up to support innovation among SMEs and to improve their competitiveness.

Bill Westwater, CEO of Xeros, said: "We are delighted to win this competitive European award. It is another validation of the huge potential of Xeros' bead cleaning system in the commercial laundry market and will help accelerate our early stage roll-out in the UK and Europe.

"In the US, our machines are eligible for rebates from utility companies so in the UK and Europe this grant provides a similar level of financial support. Both incentives seek to achieve the same thing: driving disruptive, environmentally friendly cleaning by lowering the cost of entry for early adopters."

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