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News: Huthwaite research is up for negotiation


Rotherham's Huthwaite International is continuing to develop its renowned innovative behavioural approach to sales and negotiation skills in its 40th anniversary year.

The market leading behaviour change consultancy is based at Wentworth and specialises in consulting and training on all aspects of sales. It works with major blue chip companies across the world including Rezidor, Dell, Motorola, UPS and Zurich Insurance. One client, IBM, has been on Huthwaite's books continuously for 34 years, and many others are not far behind.

The company was founded in 1974 by Neil Rackham and researchers Linda Marsh and Simon Bailey, who set out to discover what verbal behaviours were most commonly used by people to achieve the greatest degree of success when selling and negotiating, compared with those who were only average performers.

The firm's latest survey has identified that even if you think you're not a negotiator in business, you probably are.

In fact, 36 per cent of business people who took part in a skills survey didn't have traditional negotiation roles, such as sales or buying, but were found to carry out large, complex negotiations on a regular basis. In addition, 67% of respondents said they got involved on a regular basis with internal negotiations with colleagues.

Huthwaite International revealed these early findings from an international survey that has already attracted over 800 respondents in 18 countries, as part of the company's ongoing development of its renowned VBA (Verbal Behaviour Analysis) Negotiation Skills training suite.

46% of respondents were regularly involved in large, complex negotiations, but even more (59%) said that they were frequently involved in short, commercial negotiations and 64% said that they regularly took part in non-commercial negotiations with colleagues, suppliers or customers.

The fact remains that these negotiations, although on a smaller scale, could have a significant impact on the business, as well as the performance of the individual within the organisation.

Dr Janet Curran, head of Thought Leadership at Huthwaite International (pictured, below), said: "There's a common misconception that there are only a small number of people within an organisation who are required to negotiate – usually buyers or sales people.

"Our latest survey has gone a long way towards demonstrating that negotiation is a skill that the majority of business people require in their everyday working lives with internal negotiation often proving more difficult than external.

"Having good negotiation skills can therefore make a huge difference to their productivity and the performance of the whole organisation.

"Our experience over the past 40 years shows that companies that invest in enhancing the negotiation skills of their employees across the business leads to improved productivity and long term performance of the business."

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