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News: Businesses waging war against crime


The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has committed itself to restoring Rotherham's reputation.

The FSB is the UK's largest campaigning pressure group promoting and protecting the interests of the self-employed and owners of small firms, representing around 200,000 small businesses.

Having seen the borough in the national news for the wrong reasons, the South Yorkshire branch of the FSB has "committed itself to restoring the town's reputation as a great place to do business and one which plays a vital role at the strategic heart of the dynamic Sheffield City Region."

Gordon Millward, regional chairman of the FSB, said: "The FSB is 100% committed to restoring the commercial reputation of the Rotherham business community. Things have been said describing a Rotherham which, frankly, we don't recognise. After 150 years of industrial tradition we cannot allow the town's legacy to be determined by the nefarious activities of a small minority of criminals.

"A week ago Rotherham re-cemented its place in the vanguard of international business relations when the New York Stadium hosted over 100 entrepreneurs – many of whom were new to the UK – in presenting the important Anglo-Polish National Business Conference. The FSB is proud to be planning more future events in Rotherham in a similar vein, starting on June 16 when we will meet the present challenges head-on with our "Businesses waging war against crime" event.

"We will be working with South Yorkshire Police and Rotherham MBC on a project to help tackle the most pressing issue of crime in South Yorkshire. We are looking to secure the support of local businesses in the battle to reduce crime and its impact on the local economy. As we move forward, we must ensure that local businesses are united in the battle to eradicate crime and repel the stigma once and for all."

The Businesses waging war against crime event will take place at 6pm on June 16 at Rotherham Town Hall. Sergeant Katherine Wallis will be outlining a joint project with the FSB to tackle child sexual exploitation. An awareness package and a code of conduct has been put together for small businesses. This will be available to businesses at the event. Police Community Support Officer Jemma Guinn of the Rotherham Safer Neighbourhood Team will present the Rotherham Business Crime portal: an internet based system which allows businesses in Rotherham to access secure information on the activities of those convicted of committing criminal offences, in order to reduce crime and anti social behaviour.

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