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News: Gallery Town relaunch in Rotherham town centre


Rotherham regeneration project Gallery Town has undergone a refresh and brought 25 new artworks to Rotherham town centre.

In September 2011, Rotherham became Gallery Town when a group of local entrepreneurs got together to arrange for 60 large pieces of artwork – including work by Rotherham students, local artists and some of the world's greatest painters – to be installed in key outdoor locations around the town.

The latest additions include large scale installations of Johannes Vermeer's The Girl with a Pearl Earring, Edvard Munch's Scream and Soft Pressure by Kandinsky.

Gallery Town aims to use the medium of art and culture to help regenerate the town's culture and economy. The independent not-for-profit initiative has recently undergone a huge rebranding with a new logo and house font which can be seen on the "Welcome to Gallery Town" signs which have recently been installed on the platforms at Rotherham train station.

The signs were designed and donated by Rotherham-based graphic design studio, Idea UK and include four works of art and the project's new logo. The newly branded logo depicts someone heading into the town centre to shop, with the foreground showing a wall with artwork on it and the background playing host to the Rotherham Minster.

Other artworks going on show include pieces by Pollyanna Pickering, one of Brian Blessed by Nepalese artist Manish Harijan, two by acclaimed French artist Jean-Mark Janyzciak and many more by local artists and students.

An event was recently held at The Old Market Gallery in Rotherham to celebrate the rebranding and launch of the winter 2015 gallery refresh.

Ged Omar, project manager at Gallery Town (pictured, left), said: "We have had a terrific turnout which just goes to show that creative projects are thriving in Rotherham. The mix of businessmen and women, academic institutions, artists and various organisations and groups is a positive indicator that people are working together in Rotherham, for a better Rotherham. Gallery Town is one cog in the wheel of the town centre's regeneration and it's turning in the right direction.

"By improving Rotherham visually and culturally it is hoped that tourists and shoppers will reflect positively following their visit to the town centre therefore enhancing its reputation moving forward."

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