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News: SerVision hails Rotherham taxi CCTV contract


SerVision UK has secured a contract via Rotherham Borough Council for the installation of CCTV systems in the borough's licenced taxis.

After a report into child sexual exploitation in Rotherham described how vulnerable children have been repeatedly failed by the council, a statutory inspection of the authorty was undertaken at the request of the government by Louise Casey. Investigations revealed weak and ineffective arrangements for taxi licensing which leave the public at risk.

Government-appointed commissioners led an overhaul of the taxi licensing system and the implementation of a new Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Policy. The aim of the policy, which was first consulted in 2014, is to significantly raise the standards of the taxi trade currently operating across Rotherham.

The policy included the requirement for the installation of taxi cameras in licensed vehicles and was agreed on July 6 2015. The requirement became effective on January 6 2016, with licence holders being required to install a suitable camera in their vehicle by March 1 2016.


There are around 1,200 drivers registered in Rotherham, 80 operators and 800 vehicles. During consultation on the new policy, members of the trade had raised concerns over the cost of the systems, which will be met by licence holders.

Servision manufactures professional video recording and transmission systems that are deployed on thousands of public and private buses around the world to help keep passengers and drivers safe. It is listed on the stock exchange and was founded in Israel in 2000.

In an update on its UK operations, the company discussed details of a number of recently secured and potentially significant new clients for its vehicle-based end-to-end live video systems.

SerVision UK has been appointed an official approved supplier by Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council to supply and install its MVG200 and MVG400 systems into the borough's licenced taxis.

The company said: "The borough has 1,200 taxis / private hire cars and the current scheme states that for a driver to maintain their taxi licence a video system must be fitted in the vehicle. The Company has received initial orders, but at this stage is unsure how many vehicles in total it will be required to fit out."

Gidon Tahan, chairman and CEO of SerVision, said: "Since the UK office was opened in 2015, we have started to change the whole ethos and business model of SerVision. We have entered into long-term recurring revenue contracts with a number of major UK companies, many of whom we would hope to expand our relationship with over the next few years."

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Unknown May 26, 2016 at 8:50 PM  

Servision offered cameras to private hire and Hackney carriage drivers at £500, then went back on their word and suddenly demanded £650.

Nice way to do business eh?

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