Thursday, June 2, 2016

News: Freightliner launches Felixstowe - South Yorkshire service


Freightliner, the leading UK intermodal rail freight operator for transportation of maritime containers in the UK, has announced the launch of its latest rail service from the Port of Felixstowe - to land-locked Rotherham in South Yorkshire.

The service will operate to and from the Freightliner Rail port at Doncaster after development work has finished at the site. In the interim it will be serviced at the DB Cargo site operated by Newell & Wright, at Templeborough in Rotherham.

The new service will complement Freightliner's existing services to this region which has seen high demand in recent years.


Adam Cunliffe, managing director, Freightliner Ltd, said: "This new Freightliner service will create much needed additional rail freight capacity to meet the growing demands of customers who are looking for a faster, greener, safer and more efficient means of transporting freight over land. It is also another milestone in the Port of Felixstowe's strategy to increase freight on rail, not only by running additional services, but by lengthening the existing trains."

The 23rd daily rail service from the Port of Felixstowe, increases the total number of daily trains from the port to 32.

Joanne Turner, commercial director at Freightliner Ltd, added: "We are pleased to launch this new service from the Port of Felixstowe to meet the growing requirements of the Felixstowe customer base. When the site at Doncaster is fully developed we will look to further expand our capacity in the region, widening the opportunities for our customers."

Rothbiz reported last year that South Yorkshire's largest privately owned and most successful haulage contractors, Newell & Wright Group, had invested in a new container rail port facility in Rotherham in between Junctions 33 and 34 of the M1.

In total there are six sidings ranging from 300 to 400 metres allowing for a significant level of rolling stock and container handling. The operators say that they have seen a significant increase in the number of containers that are now using the rail port container facility and further investments have been made in infrastructure and capital plant equipment such as reach stackers for container handling, new hardstanding areas for container storage and a management office located on site.

Freightliner website
Newell & Wright website

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