Friday, September 22, 2017

News: Waverley development to include "active environment"


The community being created at the Waverley development in Rotherham is set to become a trailblazing hub of physical activity as a result of an innovative partnership between Sheffield Hallam University and Harworth Group plc.

Approved in 2010, the largest, most complex, planning application ever considered by Rotherham Council gave outline approval for South Yorkshire's largest ever brownfield development, creating a new 3,890 home community across 741 acres of the former Orgreave coking works site. It also includes the world-renowned Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP).

Land-owners and developers, Harworth, has secured a funding boost of £30,000 from Innovate UK and will work a team of experts from across the University to incorporate physical activity opportunities into the daily lives of those living and working at Waverley.

Academics with backgrounds in sport and health will work with the Harworth's developers to design an "active environment" at Waverley. The project, which has been part-funded by Harworth and the University, will take ideas put forward during workshops with residents and employees exploring how space and facilities around the site can be utilised to create opportunities for people to become more active.

These workshops will allow designers to develop an active environment prototype which, once implemented, will form a benchmark for similar development sites across the country.


The work follows from staff at the AMP taking part in in-depth consultation around the University's Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre (AWRC) on the site of the former Don Valley stadium.

Professor Steve Haake, director of Sheffield Hallam's AWRC, said "The property development market currently lacks innovation or focus on physical activity which makes this a really exciting opportunity. In partnership with Harworth, the project will make Waverley an exemplar for how development can be undertaken to enhance wider social and economic benefits.

"If we get this right, then the quality of life of the residents and workers on the site will improve, as will the development of the site itself. Developers across the country could look to this in years to come as the first site where physical activity has been integrated into a development like this."

Duncan Armstrong-Payne, associate director of major projects at Harworth Group, added: "A key part of Waverley's ongoing development is creating quality open spaces and leisure facilities to meet the increasing needs of those living there or working at the AMP. This is a really exciting partnership and I'm looking forward to seeing what we can deliver."

Harworth Group website

Images: Waverley Dash / Steel City Striders


Mr me September 22, 2017 at 12:16 PM  

Question.I know this is actually Rotherham,but is it a Rotherham address?

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