Thursday, November 16, 2017

News: York Road redevelopment


Rotherham Council is sending out a development brief for land it owns at York Road, Eastwood, as it hopes to see it used for the delivery of new homes.

The 1.17 acre site on the edge of the town centre comprises two car parks and a garage site which is largely cleared and almost ready to be redeveloped.

Signed off by cabinet and commissioners this week, the Council is now looking for a development partner to submit proposals for the site, rather than sell the site on the open market or build the houses itself.

The brief hopes for new homes in a range of sizes and tenures and "requests that developers approach the proposal with a focus on creativity and a view to providing a catalyst for further improvements in the area. It is expected that the redevelopment will be innovative in design and quality terms and that the homes provided will enhance the community further, creating a new customer base for existing businesses and increasing the viability of the area."

The report adds: "However, the detail of the eventual development will depend upon its viability and on developer's views on deliverability."


Soft market testing has been undertaken with developers and architects and has indicated that there appears to be demand for the site from the development market.

Work for the Local Plan showed that the site is suitable for approximately 30 dwellings. The Council is hoping for 25% of the new homes to be classed as affordable housing. In addition, the authority's Strategic Housing Market Assessment stated a requirement for family-sized housing, particularly three bedroom homes. Housing for older people, especially bungalows, is also needed.

Cllr, Denise Lelliott, Cabinet Member for Jobs and the Local Economy at Rotherham Council, said: "We are going to put it out to developers and see what they come back with. It'll go out in December with proposals coming back in February, and hopefully we will have a decision by March. If there isn't an interest then we will go back and look at our other options but we believe that this is the best brief and the best option."

The brief identifies that there is the opportunity to "create a focal point for residents through the innovative re-design of this key part of Eastwood" and adds: "The redevelopment of the site presents an ideal opportunity to achieve a high standard of design, using materials which tie in with the surrounding area, and to a scale which enhances the existing offer."

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Mr me November 16, 2017 at 3:24 PM  

As usual,council as deluded as ever.No elderly person or family in there right mind would choose in that area.Ghetto!

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