Tuesday, July 10, 2018

News: New Rotherham bins to be made in Rotherham


Rotherham Council has awarded a £2.5m contract for its new bins to MGB Plastics, the company whose Rotherham factory has the capacity to manufacture in excess of 2 million wheeled bins per annum.

The authority has recently approved plans to introduce plastics to the kerbside waste collection service. In addition, paid for year round garden waste collections are due to start in Rotherham on October 29 with residents able to opt-in to the service at a cost of £39 a year.

By 2019, Rotherham would likely be the only English local authority not to collect plastic at the kerbside but now these collections are set to be introduced in "early 2019" with the authority setting aside £5.54m for bins and vehicles.

Using a YPO framework, One51 ES Plastics (UK) Ltd T/A MGB Plastics, has been named as the preferred supplier who could supply wheelie bins in various colours and sizes as a result of the Council's waste consultation. The contract, which starts this month and ends in 2022, is worth a total of £2.5m.


MGB Plastics is the UK's largest and leading manufacturer of wheeled bins and kitchen caddies and operates a 65,000 sq ft facility on Barbot Hall Industrial Estate. It has the most extensive collections of large tonnage injection moulding machines and wheeled bin tools in the UK. Part of the renamed IPL Plastics group, which recently launched on the Canadian stock exchange, around £25m has been invested in advanced technology in recent years.

The Council's budget earmarked £965,000 of additional Council Tax income generated from 1% of the increase for kerbside collection of plastic.

The £5.54m investment is set to be funded by the service as revenue prudential borrowing costs. The changes are expected to give an ongoing net savings requirement of £418k a year.

Damien Wilson, strategic director for regeneration and environment at Rotherham Council, said earlier this year: "Like every council across the country we are under increasing pressure to look at how we deliver our waste services. We need to ensure they are value for money as well as making sure they achieve high levels of recycling, and that is what we are trying to do."

Over £11 million a year is spent on waste collection and disposal services and the Council's kerbside collection service is provided to around 116,000 households using a range of bins, boxes and bags. Under new proposals, blue bags and blue boxes will be replaced with wheeled bins.

The old black waste bin will to be used to collect recycled plastics, glass bottles and metal tins and cans. The old green garden waste bin will be used to collect recycled paper and cards.

A new smaller (180 litre rather than 240 litre) black bin with a pink lid will be supplied by MGB to all residents for their non-recyclable waste. The pink lid on the bin will help residents remember what bin to use for what waste and will also to allow our collection crews to identify which bin they need to be collecting.

A new brown bin will be supplied to anyone who subscribes to the new opt-in subscription garden waste service.

The authority estimates that up to 40,000 brown bins and circa 116,000 residual 180 litre bins will be required. The new residual 180 litre bins are expected to be delivered to residents from September so that plastics can begin to be collected at the end of January 2019.

The next procurement exercise will be for new vehicles to be purchased by the Council, replacing vehicles which are currently hired on along term basis.

MGB Plastics website

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Anonymous,  July 10, 2018 at 8:07 PM  

Shame MGB don't give a shit about staff or H&S

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