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News: Marsden manufactures future of patient weighing


A Rotherham-based manufacturer has helped to realise a unique, revolutionary idea that could change the way immobile patients are weighed.

Based at Templeborough, Marsden manufactures a wide range of weighing scales and devices that are used in hospitals, veterinary surgeries and in industry.

A leading supplier of medical weighing equipment to NHS hospitals, Marsden has been working on a brand new weighing scale since 2016. The Patient Transfer Scale (PTS) was invented by Scottish clinician Gillian Taylor and is designed to accurately weigh immobile patients when traditional weighing scales are unsuitable.

Support from Scottish Health Innovations Limited (SHIL), NHS Lanarkshire (where Gillian worked as an Emergency Department nurse) and Marsden helped her make the idea a reality. SHIL works in partnership with NHS Scotland to identify, protect, develop and commercialise new ideas from healthcare professionals.

Over ten years ago, Taylor was working in the Emergency Department of University Hospital Monklands near Glasgow and was becoming increasingly frustrated by the difficulties of weighing immobile patients. She watched as critical patients arrived in hospital, unable to move and needing medication or treatment as fast as possible, yet weighing them to calculate drug dosages was too difficult or time consuming.

Her idea - which was presented to Marsden in 2016, was to weigh patients at the point where they are laterally transferred from trolley to bed. When a patient arrives in hospital on a trolley, they are almost always transferred to a bed using a transfer slide, or transfer board. Gillian's idea was to create a transfer slide with an in-built weighing scale.

Marsden is now manufacturing a new flat weighing scale, which is thin, lightweight, simplistic, easy to use and which can be kept hygienic.

Gillian Taylor, inventor of the Patient Transfer Scale (PTS), said: "When working in the Emergency Department a child came in with injuries to his legs. Pain control was difficult as an accurate weight was required to support treatment. Patients with sepsis faced a similar issue, with rapid weighing need to ensure an accurate dosage of antibiotics.

"I had the idea of transforming a plastic transfer board into a set of scales which would transfer and weigh the patient simultaneously. I knew getting an accurate weight quickly could save lives, so with the support of SHIL I put my idea into action.

"By moving and weighing the patient at the same time, the PTS improves patient outcomes, without increasing workload, offering significant benefit to both patient and staff."


The new product has the necessary approvals (all Marsden professional medical scales are Class III Approved) and has been tested in over 30 hospitals. It is patented in the UK and patents are pending in the EU and US.

Having officially been launched, the PTS is being supplied by Marsden and its distributors.

PTS is suitable not just for Emergency Departments, but throughout the hospital where a patient is immobile and needs to be weighed. Stroke, Cardiology, Sepsis, Spinal, Head Injury, Renal, ICU, HDU, X-ray, Theatres and Palliative wards for example.

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