Thursday, September 13, 2018

News: Magtec launches new electric urban truck


Magtec, the UK's largest supplier of electric vehicle drive systems, has launched the UK's first practical 7.5 tonne electric truck, which is ideal for the urban daily deliveries market.

Founded in 1992, MAGTEC designs and manufactures electric drive systems and components for a wide range of applications including trucks, buses and military vehicles. The expanding firm now has facilities in Sheffield and Rotherham (pictured).

The new vehicle which uses an Isuzu N75 chassis, has been created in partnership with Paneltex, the Hull-based specialist vehicle bodybuilder.

The truck will be showcased at the UK's premier low carbon vehicle event, Cenex-LCV, which takes place at Millbrook, Bedfordshire, this week.

Marcus Jenkins, founder and managing director of Magtec, said: "Concern over air quality in our cities is increasing and Magtec has developed the cutting-edge drive train technologies required to address this problem.

"We are now supplying a fully capable EV truck which can operate for a full day on a single charge.

"Every urban retail and leisure business with daily deliveries could be using electric vehicles as they are quiet, clean and safe.

"Vehicle operators can benefit from government subsidies to support their investment in proven clean transport technologies. They will also benefit from significantly reduced fuel costs by operating our electric trucks which can carry a heavier payload than their diesel equivalents."


Chris Berridge, managing director of Paneltex, added: "Paneltex's experience in the electrification of commercial vehicles, combined with Magtec's development of electric drive systems, puts us in a unique position to be able to offer these vehicles as an effective alternative to diesel trucks.

"In urban and suburban environments, the efficiency of an internal combustion engine is reduced, whereas an electric vehicle is dramatically more efficient in these conditions.

"After a long-term development programme, our 7.5 tonne electric trucks are now ready for series production and we believe these vehicles will help drive the decarbonisation of the urban logistics sector."

Rothbiz reported last month that Magtec was creating a number of highly skilled new jobs.

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