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News: Rotherham Starbucks plans brewing


Plans for new units at a business park in Rotherham have been updated with a proposed Burger King outlet removed but the Starbucks unit remaining.

Rothbiz reported last year that Essex-based Burney Estates, commercial property developers with a nationwide portfolio of properties, was hoping to secure planning permission for a development at Swallownest, servicing the Beighton Link business park and passing trade.

Adjacent to the Elmwood Farm pub and large Pricecheck headquarters, the plans show updated proposals for on an undeveloped plot adjacent to the roundabout where Chesterfield Road and the A57 meet.

The proposal has a 1,800 sq ft Starbucks drive-thru situated to the north of the site. It is set to have a modern appearance with a glazed frontage positioned against timber cladding with grey cladding panels. A 1,200 sq ft A1 unit is planned to the south of the proposed development, replacing the proposed Burger King. Access is set to be from Chesterfield Road.

The plans, drawn up by Dovetail Architects, sate: "The development of Starbucks is a positive addition as it will provide jobs to the local community. Starbucks drive thru usually has an employment intake of 25 staffs with 15 Full time and ten part-time employees.

"Generally A1 units tend to employ five staff on both full time and part time basis. This brings additional employment to the local area and helps boost the local economy."


As the site is out of town, a sequential test is included in the plans in line with "town centre first" national and local planning policies. Sequential tests ensure that development is located in the most sustainable location first (usually in town centres), before other, less sustainable locations are chosen.

The test concludes that there no sequentially preferable sites, discounting sites at Parkgate, Masbrough, and the town centre which are considered unsuitable for reasons of location, size of premises of site or layout of the premises.

The plans add: "The proposal simply provides a stopping off place before car drivers reach their destinations and have no reason to access the town centre. This will not interfere in any material way with the vitality and vibrancy of the town centre."

With over 28,000 stores worldwide Seattle-based Starbucks plan to open 1,000 franchise stores in the UK over the next five to seven years, of varying asset types, partnering with a maximum of 25 franchisees.

Starbucks' first UK franchised business partner, 23.5 Degrees is hoping to operate the Beighton Link outlet. 23.5 Degrees, opened its first store in February 2013 and now have 50 stores across the UK with another 27 in the pipeline over the next year.

23.5 Degrees website
Starbucks website

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