Tuesday, September 10, 2019

News: Magtec bin lorry powered by city's waste


Magtec, the UK's largest supplier of electric vehicle drive systems, has unveiled its re-powered refuse collection vehicle in Sheffield.

Founded in 1992, Magtec designs and manufactures electric drive systems and components for a wide range of applications including trucks, buses and military vehicles.

In 2016 the firm relocated its Sheffield truck conversion facility to Templeborough in Rotherham, taking over a 16,000 sq ft unit at the same time as taking on a second manufacturing site in Sheffield of 27,000 sq ft.

As part of a trial taking place in Sheffield and Westminster a total of four used refuse collection vehicles, which would have been destined for the scarp yard, are being re-fitted to be powered by battery.

Magtec designed, manufactured and fitted the system enables the lorries to be powerful enough to negotiate Sheffield's seven hills, even when full. The re-powered lorries have zero carbon emissions and produce no air pollution.


In a further unique proposition for Sheffield, the two vehicles for the city will be powered by energy produced at the City's Energy Recovery Facility at Bernard Road, generated by processing the city's black bin waste into energy.

Marcus Jenkins, founder and director of Magtec, said: "The quickest and most economical way to reduce harmful emissions in our cities is to repower diesel trucks with electric drives.

"Converting one bin lorry to electric is equivalent to taking 30 diesel powered cars off the streets. We are especially delighted that two of the repowered vehicles will be running in our home city of Sheffield.

"Repowering larger fleets of vehicles will accelerate the growth of Magtec and create more high quality engineering jobs and opportunities for young people.

"It will also strengthen the UK's position as a global leader in technology for electric vehicles and help to increase exports of our world-class products.

"This is a very exciting time for Magtec with our company involved in pioneering work across the world and we are delighted to be taking part in this ambitious project in our home city."

Magtec website

Images: Sheffield Council


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