Friday, November 15, 2019

News: Rotherham recruitment ramped up at McLaren


British luxury supercar maker McLaren is on the hunt for some unexpected recruits for its new £50m innovation and manufacturing facility in Rotherham.

Earlier this year, the McLaren Composites Technology Centre (MCTC) on the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP) in Rotherham, delivered the first prototype carbon fibre MonoCell, the tub that forms the main structure of McLaren's cars.

After perfecting the production processes, McLaren is now doubling the workforce at the MCTC to over 200 by the time it is in full production next year.

Recruitment is underway and applicants with experience in a wide variety of sectors from boat-building to the textiles trade and sporting goods industries are being encouraged to apply for the next wave of jobs, apprenticeships and degree apprenticeships.

Those skills are required because materials like carbon fibre start life as a fabric that has to be cut, put into moulds before being treated through a variety of processes before becoming a hard material.


McLaren aims to win the automotive race to lightweight which will become ever more important as cars move towards hybrid powertrains which are generally heavier than their traditional petrol counterparts. The MCTC aims to be a world-leader in innovating lightweight composite materials.

The recently announced McLaren Elva is set to be the lightest road car ever from McLaren Automotive, with Rotherham-made MonoCells as part of a bespoke carbon fibre chassis and body combined with unique carbon fibre seats and sintered carbon ceramic brakes.

Mike Flewitt, chief executive at McLaren Automotive, said: "As we're working with advanced, lightweight materials in new ways that have never been used before on this scale for car production, McLaren is looking for a range of skills you wouldn't normally associate with the automotive industry.

"We're also looking to hire apprentices and degree apprentices. The advanced technologies and processes they will be working on could one day be used in other industries to produce lighter, and therefore more efficient, vehicles which will not only help McLaren to continue to innovate, but the UK to become a global leader in composite materials expertise."

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