Wednesday, February 19, 2020

News: Celsa submits plans for Rotherham processing plant


It might be 200 miles away but Celsa is progressing plans to open a new operation in Rotherham to support its steelmaking facilities in South Wales.

The Spanish group operates Celsa Steel UK in Cardiff, one of the largest manufacturers of long steel products in the UK. It currently has a steel mill and two rolling mills dedicated to the manufacturing of corrugated steel, light profiles and commercial bars.

The company has now submitted a planning application to create a shear processing plant on a scrap yard off Sheffield Road, Ickles.

Plans are for the proposed construction and operation of Rotherham Metal Recovery Centre which would process, store and distribute up to 75,000 tonnes per year of ferrous scrap metal.


Drawn up by consultants at TNEI, the plans state: "Collection would focus mainly on the form of cars, white goods/household appliances and  sorted light  collector's  scrap from industrial and medium sized businesses within the local Rotherham area. Following collection, approximately 15% of material would be re‐distributed and the remaining 85% processed through a mixture of shearing and screening operations on site.

"The recovery of metal in this way helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and uses much less energy than producing metal from virgin ore. Recycled metals have already been refined and processed once and therefore the use of recycled metals reduces the use of natural resources and energy as the second time is much less energy‐intensive."

The land is adjacent to the rail line running to the east of the site and that is used for the delivery and shipment of metals to the Celsa Cardiff site.

Employing six staff, the operation is expected to generate traffic in the form of ten lorries, five skip lorries and six bulk tippers per day.

Celsa UK website

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