Wednesday, March 11, 2020

News: New Rotherham drive thru plans move ahead


Beefed up plans have been approved for a new a drive thru café / restaurant on land close to the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP) in Rotherham.

Rothbiz reported back in 2018 that EOS Inc Ltd, which shares directors with Rotherham-based development firm, Harworth Group plc, had put together outline proposals for a 2,200 sq ft development on land adjacent to Harworth's Advantage House building on Poplar Way.

More detailed proposals were submitted to Rotherham Council last year and they have subsequently been approved.

The total floor area proposed is 1,800 sq.ft and the existing site access onto Poplar Way will provide access to the 36 space car park and drive-thru lane. A new security barrier will prevent cars from being able to enter the car park which will serve Advantage House.

Plans also show that during the determination of the outline application, the indicative layout plan was amended to move the drive-thru lane behind the proposed building to prevent queuing cars along the frontage of the site and in front of the building, which is to be a "gateway building."

The drive-thru unit is designed to ensure that the Poplar Way frontage is glazed and cladded with materials to be reflective of the surrounding area, such as the silver aluminium used on the AMP.


The plans. drawn up by Barton Wilmore and the Harris Partnership, conclude: "The proposed drive-thru, associated access, parking and ancillary facilities proposes a visually attractive, safe and accessible environment, designed with high-quality aluminium cladding and glazing that contributes to the overall quality of the area. The proposal is reflective of the building's location in proximity to the AMP.

"The proposed scheme falls within the Sheffield-Rotherham corridor; an area undergoing rapid change and growth. The proposals will complement the current
and emerging surrounds, providing opportunities for job growth and development.

"The scheme will provide additional job opportunities and have a positive impact on the character and vibrancy of the local area, providing a contemporary addition to the street scene environment and will encourage further, future developments in the area as a whole."

An operator for the drive thru coffee shop and/or restaurant has not yet been revealed.

Harworth Group website

Images: Harworth / Harris Partnership


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