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News: Approval recommended for development on "last piece of AMP expansion land"


The last phase of new development at the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP) in Rotherham is being recommended for approval by council planners.

Rothbiz reported in Frebruary on plans from landowners and developers, Harworth Group plc, for land to the south of Whittle Way and Highfield Spring.

Around 18 acres, land which has previously been granted planning permission for business and industrial uses, could soon be home to a further 242,000 sq ft of commercial floorspace.

An indicative masterplan shows seven units, ranging in size from 16,500 sq ft to 85,000 sq ft, with access from Whittle Way.

The plans are going to Rotherham Council's planning board due to the number of objections received. They have been revised after taking into consideration neighbour comments and consultation responses.

Objections centred around traffic and the location of commercial units close to houses.

Waverley Community Council is objectiong due to the loss of privacy for the houses opposite the site as a result of the positioning on Unit No. 10 so close to Highfield Spring. There is also a loss of the green corridor alongside the railway track and footpath.

A report from offciers to the planning board states that: "Whilst the assessment of the traffic impact of the development shows that it will have some effect on local traffic, the site is in a sustainable location. With proper attention to details of travel planning, the site can be developed with a minimum of impact on the local highway network and is acceptable in highway/transportation terms."

The application site boundary is at the closest point approximately 25m away from the front elevation of nearby properties. The amended plans have included a strategic landscape buffer being provided along the Highfield Spring frontage of the site to soften any proposed development and improve residential amenity for the residents opposite. Additionally, the proposed hight of unit 10 has been reduced by 1.5m to a maximum height of 11.5m.

The site was earmarked for industrial use in the Council’s Local Plan which was adopted in 2019. The report adds: "The houses facing Highfield Spring across from the application site were therefore always going to face industrial development if the full allocation was developed out."

In its latest financial results, Harworth stated that 1.5 million sq ft had been built so far on the AMP with the intended amount of development on completetion (scheduled for 2025) at 2.1 million sq ft.

The outline plans are due to be discussed by the board this week.

Images: Harworth / Harris Partnership


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