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News: Store Wars Maltby - Tesco objects to new Lidl


A new episode of Store Wars is playing out in Rotherham between national retailers.

Rothbiz reported on a planning application last year to build a new Lidl supermarket on the site of a former fire station and library in Maltby.

Now Tesco, which has a store opposite the site, has delivered its objections, causing Lidl to rethink its plans.

The German retailer found opposition to similar plans in Swallownest where objections from Aldi and Co-op went some way to Rotherham Council's planning board refusing permission for a Lidl store. The plans have since been revived.

At Maltby, the proposal is for a new store on High Street with a 13,500 sq ft sales area on the central and northern part of the site, providing an instore bakery, customer toilets and customer recycling facility.

Agents for Tesco say that Lidl's application contains a "number of failings" and "erroneous assumptions" regarding the retail impacts of the proposed new store.

Tesco claims that agents for Lidl said that the site is within a defined town centre, adding that: "given its status as a Town Centre, the range of retail facilities in Maltby is currently quite limited." Going on to say: "There are no larger scale foodstores within the centre and these existing facilities, including Tesco, primarily meet top-up shopping needs."

Tesco says that the applicant's agent has wrongly assumed that the proposal occupies a town centre location making the retail impact assesment "misleading."

Martin Robeson, acting for Tesco, said: "Their appraisal is flawed, having been erroneously calculated on the basis that the store will occupy a town centre location.

"The proposed Lidl's anticipated turnover by 2024 has therefore been inappropriately added to the total turnover of Maltby town centre, which yields a misleading picture of a positive total impact.

"In our judgement there is therefore likely to be a negative impact on the town centre."

It also argues that a -26% impact on the anchor Tesco store would have severe effects on footfall across the centre.

It adds that an up-to-date health check of Maltby town centre has not been carried out and claims that other attempts have been made to "diffuse" the impacts on the town centre and "overstate the claw-back effects" from spend outside of Maltby.

Lidl, and agents, Lichfield, have now updated plans and supplied additional information, restarting the consultation period for the application.

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Little Midge April 6, 2022 at 8:21 PM  

There’s server things wrong with Tesco … here in maltby we have Aldi and a home bargain which provide a larger option than Tesco does.
Maltby is also expanding with certain areas being done up and I believe over 300 new houses are planned. The new Lidl will add more choice to our area.
The main concern though are the lorries - Tesco is bad enough so as long as Lidl has a bigger car park with proper loading areas (unlike Tesco) it should be fine.
Tesco is scared of competition. Let’s face it…if they were serious about supporting our community they would have bought that area and built a larger store with a proper size car park - the Tesco store we have is not big enough

It’s not what you want Tesco April 9, 2022 at 1:27 PM  

If this gets cancelled I’m boycotting Tesco .

Anonymous,  April 12, 2022 at 11:06 AM  

I'd rather have the choice and tesco is rather pricey anyway. Plus it creates more jobs that are needed.

Anonymous,  June 2, 2022 at 9:47 PM  

It is true. Tesco is a top up store. Hardly any choices. Very limited. People will make up their own minds. Let it happen, competition is healthy. If any store should complain it would be Aldi. Both Lidl and Aldi have special aisles, selling items for the home and garden. Tesco has no home department. Let it happen!

Anonymous,  February 10, 2023 at 7:45 PM  

I totally agree Tesco is definitely a top up shop as there is not enough choice of products in store, the car park is awful most drivers complain about it. A Lidl would definitely be a bonus to Maltby at this time

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