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News: Xeros-equipped washing machines in stores in India


Xeros Technology Group plc, the creator of technologies that reduce the impact of clothing on the planet, continues to work with IFB, India's largest domestic and commercial washing machine manufacturer.

Based on the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP) in Rotherham, Xeros is a Leeds University spin-out that has moved to "IP-rich, capital-light" business model with water saving and filtration technologies with multiple commercial applications.

IFB, which has been innovating washing machines for over 30 years and is a household name in India with over 6 million customers, has confirmed that it is placing its new premium 11kg domestic washing machines, designed for large households and incorporating Xeros' Care technology, in its Indian retail stores.

The market launch complements the field trials of a new 9kg domestic washing machine, designed for mass market adoption. IFB is expected to install trial machines in Indian homes early in the new year. Subject to these field trials being successful, IFB will then proceed with a nationwide launch in Q1 2023.

Xeros' "XOrbs" last for many hundreds of washes before needing to be replaced and recycled. The beads gently remove unwanted molecules and contaminants from materials allowing washing machines to work more efficiently while using just a fraction of the water traditionally needed.

The unique technology delivers superior wash performance when compared to conventional wash programs and is capable of achieving this while still reducing energy and detergent consumption by 50%, and water consumption by 70%.

Water scarcity affects millions of people in India every year. If a million customers start washing with XOrbs they could save over 4 billion litres of water every year, enough to meet the basic needs for water and sanitation for over 200,000 people for a whole year.

In the Commercial Laundry market, IFB has commenced trials of a 90kg washing machine in Bangalore for Indian Railways. The machine has already been placed at the Railway Boot Laundry in Bangalore to trial the washing of linens used on sleeper trains across India. Indian Railways is one of the largest organisations in India and is an established customer of IFB. This trial follows another successful contract win for Xeros with Georges SAS, the Company's French commercial laundry partner, placing further IFB commercial machines with SNCF, the French national rail operator.

Neil Austin, Chief Executive Officer of Xeros said: "We continue to work in partnership with IFB and the ... launch of the 11kg machine will enable consumers to use our proprietary technology in their home for the first time. This is an exciting milestone for Xeros as we continue to accelerate new licence agreements.

"Xeros is also confident of future developments in the rail sector, both in India and France as our technology is more widely used in commercial machines."

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