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News: Rotherham Council to spend £1.3m supercharging town centre car park


Rotherham Council is accelerating plans to increase the electric vehicle (EV) charging network in the borough. And locals could get a reduced rate for charging their vehicles.

Having secured funding from the government, the authority's cabinet has signed off on a scheme to install public EV chargers and Solar PV Systems at Drummond Street Car Park in Rotherham town centre.

Expanding the current Local Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (LEVI) pilot, the government announced £56m in public and industry funding for increasing EV chargepoints across the country.

Having secured £1.6m, Rotherham Council will use £1.29m from the capability funding pot to create a Solar PV Canopy and EV charge point scheme in the car park which currently has two 22kW sockets.

A cabinet paper explains: "The LEVI Scheme is aimed at reducing inequality between those who can charge on a driveway at domestic tariffs and those forced to charge using public infrastructure at commercial rates, because they do not have offstreet parking available. Consideration will be given to the financial and legal feasibility of enabling a portion of the savings derived from the PV output to provide a reduced rate for authenticated and approved Rotherham residents.

"There are over 2,000 dwellings without off-street parking area within a 10-minute walk of Drummond Street Car Park. The Drummond Street site would offer opportunities for overnight charging by local residents, daytime charging for commuters and shoppers, and a convenient charging location for Taxi / Public Hire Vehicles (PHV)."

Initial designs are for a Solar PV Canopy and battery surrounded by 28 charging bays with a mix of size and charging speeds. Electricity for the EV chargers will be provided by Solar Photovoltaic (PV) arrays mounted on steel canopies covering up to 128 parking spaces.

It is set to be operational next year.

The bid conditions require private sector match funding so the authority is now set to procure a company on a concession contract to design, install and operate the EV charging systems.

Cllr. Dominic Beck, Cabinet Member for Transport and the Environment at Rotherham Council, said: "This will be by far the biggest investment into public EV charging availability in Rotherham to date. We currently operate around 40 accross the borough, in pretty much every corner of the borough at various locations, but this will see significant investment into one on Drummond Street in the town centre to serve many homes who don't have the ability to charge their own electric vehicles.

"It's a really good news story and is part of a wider project where, over the next year or two, we will be bringing on line even more at various spots across the borough funded through various different routes."

Current council charging points can be found at car parks, country parks and libraries.

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