Monday, March 17, 2008

News: International deal for Rotherham's DawMed


Rotherham-based DawMed has signed a memorandum of understanding to supply its 'AERclens Chemical' machine, a washer-disinfector for endoscopes, to German company, Schulke & Mayr. Schulke will hopefully resell, install and service the AERclens decontamination equipment initially in the healthcare markets of Germany and Austria. Kevin Gilmore of DawMed told The Business Desk: "Today's announcement is a further meaningful positive for DawMed which may or may not represent the first stage of a potential distributorship agreement with Schulke & Mayr for sales of DawMed's AERclens decontamination equipment in Northern Europe." Jean-Luc Charlet, managing director of Schulke & Mayr said: “We are extremely pleased with this agreement with DawMed. This cooperation will help our customers to get a very efficient and very reliable solution to their daily problems in the field of instrument disinfection.”


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