Tuesday, May 27, 2008

News: Rotherham firm gets a little help from investors


The Yorkshire Post reports on child-safety equipment firm Little Helper securing £100,000 of investment from Yorkshire Association of Business Angels. Four investors from the Business Angels backed Little Helper and their FunPod device, that allows toddlers to have safe access to kitchen worktops and stand at worktop height safely, without fear of falling. It was developed in 2005 by company director and mum Kim Johnson, after her daughter nearly had an accident while helping her in the kitchen. The FunPod is sold on online by retailer Amazon and last year it secured a distributor in Australia. Ms Johnson told The Yorkshire Post: "We were looking for investment to help us increase international reach and grow a solid, child-friendly brand that will stand the test of time. "We first approached the Business Angels a couple of years ago but wanted to increase our sales and prove ourselves before making the final investment agreement. "We're really pleased that Max and the other investors are now on board, as they bring with them expertise, as well as helping us with our finance."


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