Thursday, June 12, 2008

News: Comocri set to graduate into Fusion@Magna


One of the Innovation Technology Centre’s original occupants, Comocri have been so successful they are planning to graduate out of the ITC to the new Fusion @ Magna Business Centre where the team will expand from one to five members taking a new office and larger workshop. The company moved onto the Advanced Manufacturing Park after developing a filtration technique used within the food sector. ITI Energy (another company within the ITC building) approached Comocri hoping for a system to remove oils, tars and particulate matter from water used in the cleaning of potential fuel, Syngas. Since 2007, Comocri has expanded further and many products with similar kinds of water related issues have been trialled and tested. One big success story has been that of the treatment of water used in the manufacture of concrete blocks. Comocri's John Beddis explained: “800 tonnes of water are used weekly in the process when making concrete blocks. Now, instead of this water going straight down the drain after usage nearly 100% of that water is treated and recycled." RiDO's Fusion@Magna at Templeborough is suitable for a wide range of business but particularly for advanced engineering, creative and digital. Companies will find a centre at the cutting edge of eco-friendly design, with its “living walls”, and a green roof on the workshops.
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