Wednesday, July 30, 2008

News: Relishing the regional link up


Creative Sheffield report that the link up between Sheffield's famous Henderson's Relish and Rotherham based Yorkshire Crisps has led to the newly launched crisps becoming one of the company’s top selling flavours. The managing director of Yorkshire Crisps in Waleswood, Tony Bishop said: "The success of the flavour is owed to the great taste of Henderson’s Relish, combined with our quality potatoes and commitment to only use completely natural flavours. The response from retailers has been overwhelming, and we are expecting some orders from larger nationwide companies in the next few months." Yorkshire Crisps’ potato farmer Simon Hinchliffe has been providing the company with potatoes for over three years, and presents the Henderson’s flavour to his farm visitors. Simon comments: "We jumped at the chance to supply an end-user directly, as we have felt disconnected from the food chain. In the past we have dealt with large, faceless corporations, but with Yorkshire Crisps we know what is produced from our crop, and where they are sold. We deliver on tractors straight from our field to the nearby Yorkshire Crisps factory. We’re delighted to be associated with Yorkshire Crisps, it’s a great product and I am proud that they are made out of our potatoes."
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