Thursday, July 16, 2009

News: Royal recognition for Rotherham


Jackie Frost, Enterprise Projects Manager at Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council, has visited Buckingham Palace to collect the UK's most prestigious award for helping to unlock Britain's entrepreneurial talent.

Mrs Frost was at Buckingham Palace this week to collect an individual Queen's Award for Enterprise Promotion and meet the Queen.

Jackie has dedicated her working life to supporting and enabling young people to set up their own businesses in Rotherham, helping to run successful projects including Rotherham Youth Enterprise and Rotherham Ready.

Jackie said: "Visiting the palace was a real honour, and I feel the Queen's Award recognises the achievements of all those involved with developing young people’s passions, self confidence and entrepreneurial spirit in Rotherham.

"When I got a chance to meet the Queen I made sure she knew all about the fantastic work happening in the borough and invited her up to Rotherham to see it for herself!"

During the five years to September 2008, Rotherham Youth Enterprise worked with 178 young people that have started their own business in Rotherham and 77 of those businesses have been based in RYE's office or workshop units.

Rotherham Ready is a world-leading enterprise education project funded by Yorkshire Forward. The programme is breaking new ground in business engagement, developing personal skills such as creativity and risk management and opening young people's eyes to the diversity of enterprise. Already, more than 22,500 pupils in Rotherham have developed business skills as a result of the project.

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