Tuesday, November 9, 2010

News: Beatson Clark wins UK packaging award


An environmental initiative by Rotherham glass manufacturer Beatson Clark has been recognised at the UK Packaging Awards 2010.

The company's "Delivering the Difference Strategy" was named environmental initiative of the year with judges impressed by the commitment to recycling and lightweighting that "changes the boundaries between packaging and waste management."

Organised by Packaging News and in their fifth year, the UK Packaging Awards are a unique, independent set of Awards, designed to celebrate excellence in the packaging industry.

Alongside a £2m investment, a £600,000 recycling plant was built on the Greasborough Road site. Beatson Clark now collects around 7,000 tonnes of mixed glass annually from Rotherham's 111,000 households, recycling the glass through its own furnaces and separating other materials to be sent on for further recycling.

The firm aims to use at least 70% recycled material in the manufacture of amber glass and 40% for white flint and has pioneered lightweighting techniques to reduce the use of raw materials as well as both manufacturing and transport costs, protecting the environment and conserving valuable resources.

Beatson Clark's 500ml Amber Ale bottle originally weighed 403g, but the highly skilled team have reduced it to just 320g.

Dawn Pugh, Beatson Clark's customer services manager, said: "We were absolutely delighted to have our efforts recognised by our industry peers. Our recycling plant has been a huge success within the local community and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to portray our forward thinking policies to our colleagues.

"By investing in this new plant, Beatson Clark is demonstrating its continued commitment to the environment and the local community. Consumers, customers and investors alike can see that we have a real and tangible commitment to corporate social responsibility and the environment."

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