Tuesday, December 7, 2010

News: RiPWiRE parnters with Arcus Technology


Rotherham wireless technology business Ripwire has announced a partnership woth Acus Technology in Barnsley to help more homes and businesses enter the Digital Region.

The award-winning company is based in RiDO's Fusion @ Magna business centre and became one of the first internet service provider (ISP) to sign up to the pioneering Digital Region network, a unique collaboration between Yorkshire Forward and the four local authorities in South Yorkshire.

The Digital Region project is bringing continuous 25mb+ broadband to over 97% of South Yorkshire, including 550,000 homes and 1.3 million people. The project is financed by European, regional, local and private investment of over £90m, including £30m from the European Regional Development Fund.

The partnership with Acus will see the Barnsley business provide value added services to RiPWiRE's high speed network connection's for local businesses to ensure they can take advantage of the new broadband, which will have download speeds of up to 40Mb - ten times faster than the average broadband.

Quentin Birchall, director of RiPWiRE, said: "The availability of super-fast broadband is a great opportunity for businesses across South Yorkshire as it will enable them to enhance their online service to their customer base and improve the way they operate.

"During the last few years there has been significant growth in the creative and digital sector in this area and the new network will enable those companies to develop even further.

"We are delighted to establish a partnership with Arcus as they will be able to reach even more customers in new markets and help build the connectivity to the network."

Dale Heath, director of Arcus Technology, added: "This partnership is fantastic news for local businesses as it will see more people gain access to super-fast broadband which has a service level agreement.

"The industry and technology being used is constantly moving forward and it is vital that companies do the same otherwise their current internet access will struggle to cope with ever increasing demands.

"We are confident that the agreement with RiPWiRE will be the start of further collaboration between the two companies, including Cloud based services which enables lower cost delivery of services, such as IT support, security and business continuity."

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