Friday, June 17, 2011

News: Connexion2 supply Leodis Care


A team of phlebotomists have been equipped with the award winning Identicom lone worker protection device from Connexion2 in Rotherham.

Leodis Care, an NHS Limited company that provides medical services that are more accessible to patients, has set up a new service from its Head Office in Leeds whereby a team of phlebotomists visit housebound patients in their own homes to take blood samples.

Although the service is very popular with patients, it was recognised by Health & Safety professionals that the phlebotomists, as lone workers, could be at risk visiting patients' homes.

Through the Dinnington company's SoloProtect brand, the lone workers have been provided with Identicom, a discreet alarms disguised as identity card holders, plus SIM Card and inclusive network usage, face-to-face user training and 24 hour manned monitoring.

Sue Jones, clinical services co-ordinator at Leodis Care, said: "We chose Connexion2 because it is an NHS chosen provider. Identicom was demonstrated to us and we were really impressed with it.

"Feedback from the team has been excellent. They have found it easy to use and they like the fact that it provides them with extra security."

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