Friday, September 9, 2011

News: Beatson Clark supplies Roots & Wings


Rotherham glass packaging manufacturer, Beatson Clark, is providing a white flint jar for an organic preserve range from premium organic food and body care product specialist Roots & Wings.

Roots & Wings, an independent artisan company, chose Beatson Clark to supply it with a 292ml dodecagon white flint jar to ensure its award winning products were packaged in a form that displays the same values as the company.

Belinda Gooding, founder & managing director of Roots & Wings, said: "Roots & Wings philosophy is simple - using the finest organic ingredients together with the best British master craftsmen we create the "best tasting" organic and natural food for consumers.

"Ethical sourcing and sustainability are central to all we do, so the packaging is a major factor in continuing our philosophy, we are keen to ensure our products are as natural as possible and that the impact on the environment is minimal."

Based on Greasborough Road, Beatson Clark is a leading supplier to the food, beverage and pharmaceutical market. Charlotte Taylor, marketing manager said: "Glass provides many benefits to both the environment and to our health. It is infinitely recyclable - it can be recycled over and over again without loss of quality or integrity, and it is both safe and pure - it will protect products from contamination and is totally inert, ensuring the only thing you taste is the product it holds. It does not contain harmful chemicals and is the only single layer packaging that does not require additional layers to protect food and drink.

"The glass jars provided from Beatson Clark's extensive general sale range perfectly complements Roots & Wings ideologies and the work it does for charities. The range is ideal for a smaller company requiring a quality product that does not compromise on a brands ethos or identity."

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Images: Root & Wings


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