Tuesday, October 4, 2011

News: Ventura staff get on their bikes


Staff at the Ventura contact centre in Rotherham are taking part in an innovative scheme to encourage more people to commute to work by bike.

Last month 65 members of staff at the Manvers facility were the first to receive bikes as part of Rotherham Borough Council's "Cycle To Work" project - geared to people who want to give up the car or bus and give cycling to work a go.

Each will receive a bike of their choice and cycle training as well as full support over a four week challenge period.

At the end of the four weeks, participants can either hand their bike back or will take the opportunity to buy their bikes at a reduced rate and continue to cycle to work.

The scheme aims to make it as easy as possible for participants to cycle to work so they can experience the many benefits of commuting by bike. These include quicker and less stressful journeys; improved health, fitness and wellbeing; as well as saving money on car maintenance, petrol, car parking or bus fares.

The package of support includes basic cycle training to improve competence and confidence; help with route planning, free bike maintenance support as well as email and telephone support throughout the trial period.

The Manvers staff, are the first in Rotherham to take advantage of the scheme, which is being supported by Transportation Officers at Rotherham Borough Council in conjunction with cycling organisation, Cycle Experience, who are running the project.

It has been funded from the Local Sustainable Transport Fund - a national Government initiative geared to stimulating sustainable access to jobs and reducing carbon.

South Yorkshire bid into the fund and Rotherham will receive a proportion of nearly £5m awarded to South Yorkshire. South Yorkshire is currently making a further bid for more than £20 million to improve sustainable access to work through low carbon travel options - such as walking,cycling, and public transport.

Vicky Jackson of Ventura said: "As part of our strategic objective to reduce the number of people travelling by car to site, we are undertaking a number of initiatives with Rotherham Borough Council to encourage the use of other modes of transport to come to work.

"We have had a fantastic and unprecedented response to the Cycle to Work challenge and thank all of our team that are taking part! It's a huge advantage to our team to be able to try cycling to work and feel the benefits of it in order to potentially make a long term change to their travel arrangements. To also receive guidance on the most effective route to take, and safety advice is an even bigger incentive."

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