Friday, January 20, 2012

News: German deal could be the start of a beautiful Friendchip


Rotherham-based Yorkshire Crisp Company has produced a special Tomato, Basil and Mozzarella crisp for German company, Hussel.

The Waleswood company produces hand-made gourmet crisps made from local vegetables and totally natural flavours. The new export deal is through Delimondo, a German company that imports 1,500 exclusive products for leading five star hotels, catering firms and fine food stores.

The crisps are called "Friendchips" and are available in the popular 100g stay-fresh, re-sealable drums that Yorkshire Crisps has become well-known for.

Hussel, which is part of Douglas Holding AG, has 274 confectionery outlets in Germany and 16 in Austria, selling chocolate, sweets and bakery products.

Horace Ostwald, of Delimondo, said: "Yorkshire Crisps were chosen because of their excellent quality, great variety of tastes and the fact that the drums have a long shelf life of seven months compared to three to four months for bags."

Yorkshire Crisps won the Export Award for the Regional Food Group for Humber and Yorkshire in 2010 for demonstrating passion and determination in embracing global export markets. The business, which was initially a regional operation has expanded and their gourmet crisps are now exported to over 14 countries around the globe, including the Far East.

Closer to home, their products can be found in regional supermarkets and flavours of the crisps including Lightly Sea Salted, Henderson's Yorkshire Sauce and Nowt On are already being sold in John Lewis Food Halls, Fortnum & Mason, Harvey Nichols and Selfridges.

Last year, the company was presented with a coveted one-star Gold Great Taste Award for its Roast Lamb and Mint gourmet crisps.

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