Thursday, March 22, 2012

News: Powerstar helps government to save money


Rotherham manufacturer, EMSc (UK) Ltd has been helping a government department to save money, just in time for the Budget.

Award-winning Powerstar voltage optimisation units have been installed at the Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS), resulting in immediate savings in energy consumption and a substantial reduction in electricity costs and CO2 emissions.

The Powerstar voltage optimisation system generally achieves average savings of 12-15%, improves the life expectancy of electrical equipment, and enhances power quality by reducing harmonics.

The system is the only voltage optimisation system wholly designed and manufactured in the UK and works by reducing the the voltage supplied by the National Grid.

Installed after a site survey indicated that the incoming voltage at a number of BIS buildings was high and that the power quality was poor, the Powerstar units have achieved savings of between 6.2% and 13.7% on total electricity consumption, resulting in a significant annual cost saving in excess of £30,000 for BIS. In addition, annual CO2 emissions from the buildings have been reduced by a collective 265 tonnes.

Dr Alex Mardapittas, designer of Powerstar and managing director of EMSc (UK) Ltd, said: "Our team's engineering expertise and project led approach ensured that we were able to tailor the correct solution for BIS. This meant that we were not only able to optimise savings, but also address the power quality issues."

The Templeborough company is also finding success with a new division established last year to promote the contribution voltage optimisation can make to cutting energy costs within new build property developments. More than 250 construction industry experts have attended its New Build division's CPD seminars.

Dr Mardapittas, added: "The New Build division has added a new dimension to EMS and I have every confidence that the success of these first few months will continue well into the future."

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