Friday, April 20, 2012

News: New chapter for Rotherham Central Library


Rotherham Central Library is set to reopen in Rotherham town centre next week following a move across town into the council's new offices, Riverside House.

The new Library, Heritage and Arts space on Main Street will be open to the public for the first time on Monday April 23 from 9am.

As well as offering book, DVD and music CD lending services, along with free access to the internet, there will also be an art gallery where local artists will be able to exhibit their work.

The first major exhibition scheduled will be the Rotherham Open Art competition which will run from June 23 until August 11.

The Mayor of Rotherham, Cllr Shaun Wright, will be officially opening the new facility at 10.30am by cutting a ribbon in the new performance space within the Children's area of the library. Activities will take place throughout the day.

Julie Hird, manager for integrated cultural services at Rotherham Council, said: "During the Central Library's closure period, staff have been hard at work cleaning, packing and re-labelling all of the book and audio stock ready for the exciting move.

"It's been quite an operation to move the thousands of items that we hold and make sure that they are in the correct order and place when we unpack them at Riverside House, but as visitors to Riverside may have noticed the shelves are almost full and we are all looking forward to opening day.

"It's been a quite incredible team effort to relocate the library across town over the past couple of months. We've moved approximately 51,000 books, 6,000 DVDs, 4,500 CDs and 40 Public access PCs, all to ensure that our new library is the best it can be for its thousands of expected customers."

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