Wednesday, May 9, 2012

News: Sheffield bar toasts DuoCall's wi-fi


Rotherham-based telecoms specialist DuoCall Communications is helping a popular city centre bar to attract new customers after installing a free wi-fi network.

Based at the heart of Sheffield's Division Street, The Great Gatsby recently celebrated its first birthday. It has recorded significant growth, particularly in the numbers of daytime visitors to the bar.

The Templeborough company was chosen to install the service after the company successfully completed a similar connection in The Bowery, a venue that was co-founded by owner of the Great Gatsby, James O'Hara.

The wi-fi link is a secure high speed connection that allows visitors to the bar to access the internet completely free of charge. The system is encrypted and visitors to the Great Gatsby can obtain the password by asking members of staff.

Amie Simpson, bar manager at The Great Gatsby, said: "Since installing wi-fi we have noticed a significant increase in the amount of time that people are spending in the bar, with many using it as a place to go either before or after business meetings.

"The connection is fast and reliable which is an important factor for users. We get lots of people coming to the bar specifically because of the wi-fi connection. Some use it during business meetings, while others come to the bar to enjoy the atmosphere and pass time surfing the internet. As a result we've steadily developed a diverse but loyal customer base and our numbers of single visitors, particularly during the daytime have grown significantly. It means that you are just as likely to see someone in the bar catching up with news or checking their emails as they are meeting friends.

"We wanted to work with DuoCall because we were keen to work with a local supplier and have been really impressed with high levels of customer service. We knew about the work that they had previously undertaken at The Bowery and have been really pleased with results that we have achieved."

Phil Coley, director at DuoCall said: "The system that we have developed for The Great Gatsby is a business grade broadband connection, helping to create the latest wi-fi hotspot in the centre of Sheffield. The connection means that anyone visiting the bar can access the internet on a mobile device and benefit from a reliable connection.

"Generally speaking, Sheffield is well placed to take advantage of the high speed internet connections available through schemes such as fibreband and super fast broadband connectivity which is available in many parts of the city. For businesses this can bring about many benefits, not only in helping the operational running of the company, but also in terms of offering something for their own customers. It's a win-win."

Based at the Magna 34 development, Duocall offer high quality landline, mobile, data products and services.

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