Thursday, November 1, 2012

News: Driver's safety improved with Identicom


Smurfit Kappa Recycling has adopted the market leading lone worker security device, Identicom to help its drivers reduce risk as part of their job role.

Developed by Connexion2 in Dinnington, the Identicom system is designed to look like a normal ID badge but allows lone workers to raise an alarm, make an emergency phone call or send a text message. The system supplies to Smurfit Kappa Recycling also includes an automatic "Man Down" alarm and will be in use at the group's paper mills in Birmingham and Kent that reprocess 500,000 tonnes of material each year.

Mark Montgomery, compliance manager at Smurfit Kappa Recycling, said: "Our 70 drivers work shifts, which means that they can start as early as 4.00 a.m. and may not finish until 11.00 p.m. As they may work in the dark, collecting recyclable paper and cardboard from skips and containers, we were conscious that they could be vulnerable if they had an accident, were taken ill or injured. We therefore decided to investigate lone worker solutions that would provide them and us with peace of mind knowing that they could raise the alarm in the unlikely event of something happening to them.

"Initially the drivers were a little suspicious about Identicom tracking their movements but we were quickly able to reassure them that they were in control. We looked at other company's products but Identicom was the most comprehensive with the best coverage and 24/7 availability. The drivers have now got used to Identicom and they appreciate the added security it provides and how easy the unit is to use."

Connexion2 has recently announced the launch of Series 8 of the Identicom system as the company this year shipped its 100,000th Identicom device.

Craig Swallow, managing director of Connexion2, said: "We believe this next generation product represents clear daylight between Identicom and other lone worker devices currently available - but importantly at even greater value for money. Our goal is always to deliver quality, British products that deliver true value to employers and safety to their lone workers."

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