Friday, October 3, 2014

News: Vertical gardening at 70ft


Rotherham-based Vertex Access has been called upon to help tend to one of the largest and most environmentally beneficial living walls in London.

From offices at Templeborough, Vertex Access provides industrial rope access operatives for a variety of operations as an alternative for expensive methods such as scaffolding. Often the use of abseiling techniques can be the most practical way to achieve tasks that would otherwise involve considerable expense, time and impact on the building.

Standing at 4,000 sq ft and with a total of 10,000 herbaceous plants and ferns, the Living Wall at the Rubens at the Palace Hotel is designed to provide waves of blossoming plants throughout the year which will create bands of colour across the wall, it will also be one of London's most visually prominent and colourful living walls, brightening the popular tourist walk from Victoria station to Buckingham Palace and improving the air quality for those living and working in the area.

The living wall will provide wildlife habitat, help keep the hotel cooler in summer and warmer in winter and deaden noise.

Vertex Access was commissioned by designers and installers, Treebox to provide industrial rope access solutions for the maintenance of the Living Wall fa├žade, enabling gardeners to replant and prune plants and ferns and maintain the irrigation system.

For this project, rope access was considered the best option as the other methods of access such as scaffolding and cherry pickers were not reasonably practicable. Secondly, the Living Wall will need regular maintenance and rope access provides a safe, fast, cost effective access solution, creating little visual disturbance.

Vertex Access has recently launched a new division, Vertex Air, providing a new service using the latest technology available in ROAVs (Remotely Operated Aerial Vehicles), also known as drones, to carry out aerial inspections, roof inspections or land surveys.

The drones, fitted with high definition cameras and GPS, are able to manoeuvre close to buildings and into awkward or risky positions where another means of access may be unsafe, inappropriate or expensive.

Vertex Access website

Images: Vertex Access / Treebox


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