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News: New targets for PES


Performance Engineered Solutions (PES), engineering design specialists based on the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP) in Rotherham, has added a new service to its portfolio which can help companies to identify business efficiencies, reduce their business costs and increase profits.

PES Ltd was established based on the F1 concept of driving innovation in multiple sectors. It specialises in enhancing the performance of components, products and systems by delivering integrated engineering thinking alongside innovative design, materials, manufacturing and testing technologies.

The innovative company has a track record in cutting edge sports technology including those used to gain a competitive advantage in cycling, skeleton bob, Moto GP and golf.

PES has added the new service after receiving enquiries about operating costs from many of its manufacturing clients. The new service covers value engineering with part of the process reviewing major expenditure and operating costs.

Neville Snell (pictured) has now joined the PES Performance team as director of Business Cost Solutions, which covers areas such as energy, telecoms, insurance, vehicles and staff.

Mike Maddock, managing director at PES said: "A key focus of PES Performance is the delivery of performance enhancing solutions for our clients using our design and engineering support to optimise the efficiency and performance of their business. This can be through more efficient manufacturing processes or employing new technologies to their equipment, processes, products or all three.

"Our work is ultimately to help clients make their business more competitive within their market and maximise bottom line profits utilising all the tools and applied technologies available to us. More and more we are being asked to support clients to review and optimise manufacturing process and carry out a value engineering review.

"After the challenges business have had to face over the past six years, when we have delivered a project for our clients to optimise the design or manufacturing process they often discuss the challenges they face of high operating cost proportionate to some of their competitors, and this is an area we are now looking to address for them with this new service."

Since the launch, PES has not only supported businesses in its network but also outside of the engineering and manufacturing sector, having recently working with a Schools Academy and achieving savings in excess of £29.5k.

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