Thursday, June 4, 2015

News: Artistic impressions from future workforce


Rotherham primary school children are being asked what the future world of work will look like as part of an art competition.

Gallery Town, a cultural regeneration project responsible for installing public art around Rotherham town centre, has teamed up with the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) and has asked primary school pupils to visualise how they see "The Future of Work."

The competition idea originated from the UKCES reports that investigate job trends and changes that may occur in the UK's future. Local pupils have been envisioning what new or different jobs may be needed? What types of equipment and technology will there be and will it look and feel different to do a traditional job like a nurse or a teacher?

UKCES is a publicly funded, industry led organisation providing strategic leadership on skills and employment issues in the UK. It has offices in Manvers and brings together commissioners that include CEOs of large and small employers across a wide range of sectors. Julie Kenny, chair and chief executive of Rotherham-based Pyronix Limited is one of the commissioners.

Gallery Town currently exhibits over a hundred installations of art across the town centre and engages with the National Gallery, local artists and local college and school pupils.

Along with the UKCES, the competition is being supported by local training providers XTOL Development Services and Ways 2 Work. These two companies form part of the The Phoenix Enterprises Training Group that collectively support learning and training within the workplace for both employers and employees.

The deadline for competition submissions is the June 12 and the winners and runners-up will be announced on the June 22. The winning piece of artwork will take pride of place in the UKCES office in the Department for Education in Westminster.

Alex Curling, assistant director at UKCES, said: "At UKCES we believe in inspiring young minds to look to the future, imagining what the world of work may look like in years to come. Our own research highlights a wealth of changes already beginning to take place, and we're looking forward to seeing how today's primary school children see tomorrow’s careers. Gallery Town has given us an excellent opportunity to do that in a very creative way."

Peter Butters, executive director at Phoenix Enterprises, added: "The Phoenix Enterprises Training Group, are very excited to be part of this creative and innovative initiative, and welcome the opportunity to make our young people and their parents aware of local innovative training solutions to meet their future needs."

Gallery Town website
UKCES website

Images: Gallery Town


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