Friday, July 8, 2016

News: Council to discuss town centre plans


Rotherham Council is to discuss the way forward for Rotherham town centre next week and has explained the need for another masterplan.

Rothbiz revealed last month that a new masterplan is being put together to focus on the likely delivery options for each of the key regeneration sites in the town centre and surrounding areas and to identify potential funding.

The proposal is being put forward for consideration by the Council's joint Cabinet and Commissioners' Decision Making Meeting next week.

If accepted, the masterplan would build on the work of the Town Centre Supplementary Planning Document (SPD). Results of the recent public consultation on the draft SPD will also be considered at the same meeting.

Cllr. Denise Lelliott, Cabinet Member for Jobs and the Local Economy at Rotherham Council, said: "The Masterplan would be an important tool in marketing the wider town centre to potential investors and encouraging further regeneration. Although the SPD is a useful document and identifies specific sites for development, it isn’t designed to consider the full range of development issues within those sites such as viability and deliverability of proposals. Neither does it focus in detail on how each of the key sites could be delivered.

"The Masterplan would identify funding and likely delivery options for these sites, and have a much broader brief than the SPD, including the development of the broad vision and an implementation plan to turn the vision and plans into reality."


If agreed, the Masterplan would cover a larger area than the SPD, identifying key development sites in the town centre and surrounding areas.

It would also focus on transport issues in more detail, including car parking, and identify the key issues and challenges that are likely to affect the town centre including:

- National retail and leisure trends
- Future role and purpose of Rotherham in an increasingly competitive market
- The impact of the Westgate Demonstrator residential development and the Council's ambition to further grow town centre living, with a target of 2,000 new units set out in the Economic Growth Plan
- The impact of the new Tesco superstore and the possible re-alignment of the Town’s retail offer
- The vacant former Tesco building and the future development of the Forge Island site
- Cultural and leisure activities such as the introduction of a central library, art gallery, town centre cinema, hotel and new theatre
- The night time economy
- Accessibility, traffic, transport and connectivity issues (public transport, walking and cycling, taxis and car parking)

The new plan is set to become an important tool in marketing the wider town centre to potential investors and encouraging further regeneration and improvement.

Rotherham town centre website

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Mr me July 8, 2016 at 11:03 AM  

Notbmore talk!Time for action and sone tower cranes!

Anonymous,  July 10, 2016 at 11:05 AM  

Talk , plan talk , plan decide there's no money , then back to square one talk, plan !!

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