Thursday, August 25, 2016

News: Newell & Wright continues to expand Rotherham operations


A retrospective planning application is being submitted as a vacant Rotherham logistics site is brought back into use.

Haulage contractors, Newell & Wright Group, have been using part of the former Exel Logistics distribution depot on Grange Lane between Templeborough and Brinsworth since July but complaints have been made and the lawful planning use of the site needs to be clarified.

The company took on the DB Cargo site at Templeborough last year, creating a new rail port facility, installing six sidings, ranging from 300 to 400 metres, allowing for a significant level of rolling stock and container handling.


Since opening in the summer of 2015, Newell & Wright Group have seen a significant increase in the number of containers that are now using the rail port container facility and further investments have been made in infrastructure and capital plant equipment such as reach stackers for container handling, new hardstanding areas for container storage and a management office located on site.

Spotting a gap in the market for a rail terminal in the Yorkshire, a deal was signed for a new freightline between Rotherham and the Port of Felixstowe.

The latest application states: "The company has secured a very significant new contract for distribution of retail goods throughout the UK. The application site seemed ideal, given its location near to their existing depot, and particularly having regard to its long history for distribution purposes.

"The initial operation in early July was to move a substantial number of full containers onto the site to facilitate the start of the distribution plan. At 4 no. containers high, maximum, the site can accommodate up to 450 no. containers. The initial stocking surge completed, the daily normal routine is now under way. There up to 25no. vehicles in and 25 no. vehicles out per day (the same lorry). Each will bring an empty container in and take a full container out, or conversely a full container in and an empty container out."

The new contract has enabled the addition of ten new drivers and two new container movement operatives.

Originally built in 1990 as a former distribution depot and lorry park for Excel Logistics, the sizeable property had plans approved and was converted for industrial use in 2010 when MTL relocated from 112,000 sq ft of manufacturing space in Darnall, Sheffield.

The contract manufacturer was bought out of administration in 2015 by the WEC Group Ltd, one of the largest engineering and fabrication companies in the UK. It went on to acquire the 300,000 sq ft factory and 30 acres of land for £7m as a way of strengthening operations at its Rotherham-based site, now called MTL Advanced.

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Cllr. Nigel Simpson,  August 25, 2016 at 12:24 PM  

Rotherham, Brinsworth and Britain needs business growth.
Using disused sites is a great way to rejuvanation of Rotherham
Hope the permission is granted after consulting with neighbours and the for future for Rotherham.

If anyone is not happy with this reuse of the site, make sure you get information from the planning officer,
or contact me:

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