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News: Rotherham Markets: Past Present and Future


Residents are being asked for their views on the future design of Rotherham markets as part of Rotherham Council's plans to regenerate the town centre.

From Tuesday May 29 until Friday June 15, a new exhibition will feature in the indoor market. "Rotherham Markets; Past Present and Future" looks at the history of the market and its future development – with customers visiting the stall being given the chance to submit their thoughts in writing.

The regeneration of Rotherham markets is identiļ¬ed as a key project within the Town Centre Masterplan and a number of design options will be prepared to modernise both the outdoor covered and indoor markets.

The masterplan outlines that the popularity of the markets has "kept the town alive" but added that parts of the complex on Drummond Street are underutilised.

Following consultation, the masterplan proposes a simple solution to enhance the existing site and improve linkages to the nearby £40m Tesco Extra store. The demolition of Council-owned units around the edge of the outdoor covered market is proposed with a new attractive stepped entrance and space for a new community advice hub.


Andrew Clarke, a director of urban design at consultants WYG who was project director for the masterplan, said when the plan was revealed: "The entrances to the market are not particularly attractive, especially onto Drummond Street. By removing some of the building and improving the public realm improves the visual appearance and opens up the architectural features that are already there such as the roof canopies."

Further public realm improvements could also take place in Effingham Square near Tesco and the bus station and "College Fields" could be created between the market and college campus.

£25,000 was secured in 2013 to carry out work to understand a refurbishment scheme for the indoor market. Options for the redevelopment of the outdoor tented market were devised and cost estimates to deliver the works are in the order of £4m.

Given the costs and lack of available funding, the Council has targeted small scale improvements to enhance the entrances to, and exterior of, the Markets Complex in the short term.

In 2014, the Retail Group was brought in at a cost of £19,000 to identify the future strategy and growth plan for the town centre markets, and the right offer for the town and its customers.

Rotherham's history stems back 800 years when it is thought that the original royal market charter was granted by King John in the year 1207.

Nowadays, the markets welcome around four million customers per year.

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Images: RMBC / WYG


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