Thursday, February 18, 2021

News: Market cool on Rotherham energy scheme


Rotherham Council has had to change its plans for a Community Energy Switching Scheme after the private sector failed to warm to a second procurement exercise.

An in-house team is now set to help residents lower their bills.

In 2019 the authority concluded a procurement exercise in its bid to create a local energy supply offer "to help reduce gas and electricity bills for residents and provide them with a greater level of customer service and fairer treatment to that which they may be receiving from their existing supplier."

Robin Hood Energy (RHE), a national not-for-profit licensed energy provider that is owned by Nottingham City Council, won the two year concession contract but RHE could not agree to the specification under the terms of the procurement process and so the contract could not be awarded. RHE have since stopped trading.

The second tender exercise was also unsuccessful.

A recent council report explains: "Only one bid was received from a company that didn’t provide the service required and didn’t have the supply license necessary. The bid was evaluated and deemed to be a non-compliant bid.

"The recent demise of a number of licensed energy suppliers has had an impact on the already volatile energy market and further tender exercises are not currently recommended. The situation is believed to have been impacted further by the pandemic."

Rather than using bulk-buying power to negotiate unique deals from energy suppliers, local workshops and support groups are now to be set up once the current Covid restrictions were removed to assist residents with a scheme.

The scheme would focus on supporting residents to identify a reduced utility tariff and change to a new supplier using OFGEM accredited comparison websites and promote energy efficiency for Rotherham residents, which will include providing support to access available grants to reduce energy consumption, such as the Government Green Homes Grant voucher scheme.

An internally delivered scheme is set to launch in March 2021.

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Graldhunter February 18, 2021 at 2:06 PM  

Yet another RMBC Pet Political Vanity Project goes the same way as the Dolly Parton Library, Rotherham News, Bramley Supertram, etc etc. When will Rovrum Laybah Numpty Councillors n Hoffisaz understand that they have the business acumen of a dead parrot? Duh ��������

magpie1 February 18, 2021 at 4:21 PM  

Good assessment of RMBC clowns

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