Thursday, September 30, 2021

News: Lontra looks to South Yorkshire for 300-job manufacturing facility


Having announced plans at the end of last year to develop a high-value digital services centre on the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP) in Rotherham, the Lontra technology company is now looking to establish a new £18m manufacturing facility in nearby Doncaster.

The Lontra Blade Compressor is a step change in compressor technology developed by the Warwickshire firm. It is the first clean-sheet compressor design in over 80 years and can be used across many sectors such as aerospace, automotive, food and beverage, pharmaceutical manufacture and water treatment. It is proven to be 21% more efficient than the next competitor, offering incredible energy savings along with big improvements in reliability.

Having already secured £1.58m via the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), the Rotherham facility is expected to create 53 jobs in the area by 2024. For the next phase of its ambitious plans, Lontra said it would set up a customer support operation in a new building also at the AMP. This will enable the company to undertake Research and Development activity with customers to support the development of innovative new products.

The Lontra Digital Centre will enable the company to develop its aftersales support services to customers for its compressor products worldwide. The grant is also being put towards the purchase of innovative 6-demonstrator machines which will use advanced artificial intelligence techniques and sensoring systems to enable customers' machines to be controlled and monitored globally. This means Lontra will be able to reduce maintenance costs for its customers, minimise downtime and reduce energy bills.

Phase 2 would see Lontra build a "smart" factory in the area, which will provide new engineering, research and development and technical support jobs.

An update to the South Yorkshire LEP's Business Recovery and Growth Board shows that the Lontra's factory is set to be in Doncaster, backed again by finance from the LEP and creating 300 jobs.

The minutes, state: "It was envisaged to establish a new manufacturing facility in Doncaster, within existing premises which was close to Doncaster Sheffield Airport. The total project cost was almost £18m.

"The outcomes would include 300 new high-quality manufacturing jobs to be created by 2025, which equated to approximately £17,000 against the grant, and would release approximately £11m of private sector match funding.

"The funding request was just over £1.9m on loan, to be fully repaid within 7 years, and £5.16m of grants."

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