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News: New Rotherham Lidl recommended for approval


Planning officers at Rotherham Council are recommending that plans for a new Lidl are approved, but the German global discount chain has been in this position before.

Rothbiz reported on a planning application last year to build a new Lidl supermarket on the site of a former fire station and library in Maltby.

The proposal is for a new store on High Street with a 13,500 sq ft sales area on the central and northern part of the site, providing an instore bakery, customer toilets and customer recycling facility.

Tesco, which has a store opposite the site, objected, causing Lidl to rethink its plans.

Similar plans in Swallownest, where objections from Aldi and Co-op went some way to Rotherham Council's planning board refusing permission for a Lidl store, despite them being recommended for approval by officers, have recently been revived.

The objection from Tesco means that the Maltby plans are set to go before the planning board next month.

Plans show that building will be serviced from the western side of the store with vehicular and pedestrian access via High Street. There are 87 car parking spaces proposed.

If approved, the plans would create 40 new full time and part time jobs.

Lidl said that "the proposal would not have any significant adverse impact upon other existing, committed or planned investment in this or any other centres."

Tesco described the initial retail impact assessment as "erroneous" and "misleading" so Lidl has carried out further assessments.

A council report states: "It is considered that whilst the proposed store will divert retail expenditure from existing stores within the defined town centre boundary, the location of the proposed store is such that it has the realistic potential to make a contribution to the town centre via linked trips and spin-off benefits.

"Whilst a reasonably large element of these linked trips will be transferred linked trips, they nevertheless will continue to benefit the town centre and this will be reinforced by the potential for additional benefits for Maltby as trade is diverted from other stores located outside of the town.

"On this basis, whilst it is important to note that there will be an adverse impact upon some trade associated with existing stores within the defined town centre boundary, it is unlikely that there will be a significant adverse impact on the vitality and viability of the defined town centre."

Since the beginning of 2022, Lidl has already opened 23 new stores and remains on track for 1,100 stores by the end of 2025.

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