Friday, August 25, 2023

News: Strike action at KP Nuts in Rotherham


The production of the famous salted and dry roasted peanuts in Rotherham could grind to a halt for a week in September as Unite union members prepare to strike at KP Nuts.

The workers at KP Snacks have voted overwhelmingly by 83% to take strike action for a week beginning on September 5. The union is warning that unless the company ups its pay offer strike action will escalate. The Hellaby factory is the sole producer of KP Nuts so the walk-out will stop the production of one of Britain’s favourite snacks.

The workers have rejected a below inflation 8% pay offer. The company has increased its profits by 275% since 2018. In stark contrast, average pay at KP Snacks has fallen in real terms by 14% since 2018.

Unite general secretary Sharon Graham said: “Unite’s message to KP Snacks is if you pay your workers peanuts, expect strike action.

“The company has increased its profits by an astonishing 275 per cent since 2018. But the workers’ pay has fallen 14 per cent in real terms over the same period. That’s why workers are refusing to accept anything less than a pay deal which keeps up with the cost of living.

“The workers have Unite’s total support in their drive for a fairer share of the company’s huge profits.”

The snacks brand has made matters worse by refusing to offer the lowest paid workers a consolidated pay rise. Instead, management is offering the workers a one-off payment. The hygiene team earns just £10.66 an hour, “the KP living wage”.

Unite regional officer Chris Rawlinson said: “If bosses want to avoid a nut shortage across pubs and supermarkets they need to put a fairer pay offer on the table.

“KP Snacks made £54 million in profit last year, the company can easily afford to pay workers more. Management should be focused on negotiating an end to the dispute or strike action will escalate.”

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Jez August 28, 2023 at 1:03 PM  

It is scandalous what KP pays it's workers when you consider the profits that the company has made in recent years. Should there be a strike the company will then blame "greedy" workers. Come on KP, get your house in order and offer a reasonable pay increase

Tom,  September 5, 2023 at 11:59 AM  

Unite said yesterday: "A meeting was held today (Monday 4 September) between Unite representatives and KP Snacks management. The workers will now vote on a revised pay offer from the company. Therefore, the week-long strike due to commence tomorrow (Tuesday 5 September) has been postponed while workers vote on the new offer."

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