Friday, February 8, 2008

News: Rotherham to share Renaissance best practice online


The team behind the massive town-centre programme, Rotherham Renaissance, is set to launch the UK’s first website aimed primarily at other regeneration promoters and practitioners. The idea is to highlight the lessons learned in how best to unlock complex schemes, get new markets moving and engage high-quality developers and architects. The new website focuses on the £60m Westgate Demonstrator Project. Visitors will see and hear experts talking about the practical issues that have gone into bringing the council's and its partners’ ambitions to reality. Yorkshire Forward's Rob Tranmer stated that "Rotherham has demonstrated its ability to be innovative and its initiative by being the first town to share its best practice in this way." The Westgate Project which will provide 1,160 apartments, is the first major mixed-use scheme to be built under the renaissance scheme.


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