Thursday, May 8, 2008

News: Partnership approach to flood alleviation gains national recognition


The Environment Agency discusses the strong partnership ethos that has been key to the Rotherham Flood Alleviation Scheme taking place at Templeborough. The scheme will improve the infrastructure and reduce the risk of flooding at over 100 properties, businesses and key development sites in the town. With the Agency's help, Rotherham Borough Council has secured over £12 million of support from Yorkshire Forward and the European Regional Development Fund to help deliver the project, backed up by £2 million from the council and by nearly half a million pounds from the Yorkshire Regional Flood Defence Committee. The project is being managed by Jacobs and the main contractor is Volker Stevin. The first phase of construction is due to be completed in the summer of 2008 and the second phase is currently being designed. The Environment Agency will be taking over the future maintenance of the flood defence structures and Sheffield Rotherham Wildlife Trust has been selected to manage the wetland area. Toby Willison, the Environment Agency’s regional director, explains: “Clearly this is a very important scheme to reduce flood risk and major disruption to large parts of Rotherham. It will help to protect not only road and rail links but also the employers vital to the area’s economic wellbeing." Karl Battersby, Strategic Director for Environment and Development Services for Rotherham Borough Council said: “This scheme is a vital part of the Rotherham Renaissance agenda as it underpins the Riverside focus for the exciting new developments planned for the town." This week the government learned that the UK would receive £31m from the EU solidarity fund to help with the clean up from last year's flood. Figures of £110m had been reported in March.
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