Thursday, June 19, 2008

News: AESSEAL boosts skills thanks to Chamber


Award winning Rotherham manufacturer AESSEAL teamed up with Barnsley and Rotherham Chamber to bolster its staff’s management abilities, when 17 employees completed the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Introductory Certificate in Management. The course was made up of various units, each of which applies to a different facet of a manager’s workload such as time management and motivational skills. The programme also involved an extremely thorough assessment process. AESSEAL’s Quality Assurance Manager Mark Johnson recognised the need for accredited external training: “We approached the Chamber to have the course delivered in-house and tailored to our specific requirements. Some people coped quite comfortably with it, others found it a bit more difficult but, overall, the feedback has been very good.” Chamber Skills Solutions Executive Chairman Mike Smith said: “AESSEAL is recognised as a highly successful, multi-award winning company and we are delighted that our training is helping them to develop their staff and allows the individual delegates to develop their management skills.”
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Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber article


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